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Nearly 1 in 20 US adults over 50 have fake knees

Nearly 1 in 20 Americans older than 50 have artificial knees, or more than 4 million people, according to the first national estimate showing how common these replacement joints have become ...     Read More..

New initiative targets preterm births/elective deliveries

New initiative targets preterm births/elective deliveries

Federal health officials are getting serious about reducing the rising number of preterm births and early elective ...     Read More..

Breast implant scandal: What went wrong?

London (CNN) -- The founder of a French company that made breast implants linked to a major health scare has been charged by police investigating the scandal.

Jean-Claude Ma...     Read More..

Mother Gives 7-Year-Old the Gift of Plastic Surgery

Where do I even start with the most ridiculous news article of the new year?
I’m reacting to an obscene story reported by the Daily Mail, which alleges that 51-year-old plastic...     Read More..

Having a Baby, Building a House or Plastic Surgery Won’t Fix your Marriage

I see many couples who are struggling with their marriage. When I ask them how long the struggle has been going on the answer is usually several years. When I continue and ask them how they ...     Read More..