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Venezuela Endures Breast Implant Shortage.

The socialist economic policies that dominate the governing of Venezuela have produced some pretty unusual shortages for its citizens of late. These include rice, coffee, toilet paper and, m...     Read More..

California Medical Board Cracking Down on Med Spas

The American Med Spa Association Offers Insights into Expanded California Medical Board Enforcement Focus on Med Spas and Recent Unannounced Audits of California Med Spas

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Bitcoin Can Now Pay Plastic Surgery in Full

 Starting January, Vanity Cosmetic Surgery in Miami accepts Bitcoin from all patients to cover up to 100% of their service cost.

Back in November of 2013, Vanity Cosmet...     Read More..

Activist Group Fights Against Plastic Surgery App for Children

Just when parents thought they only had to monitor their children’s internet activity, turns out  it’s not the only thing that needs supervision. Recently, a new application...     Read More..